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Doctor or engineer? Which has more money and demand?

There are two kinds of doctors in the world: those who see it as a career requiring selfless dedication and those who see it as a job that involves prescribing medication. The first kind is becoming a rare, dwindling species, serving in the few large public hospitals which mostly treat the poor and needy. The stipend that interns earn at ...

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Doctor Species

Gaurang takes look a doctor species and find out various types. 1. Silent doctor They are not interested in you. Whatever you say they won’t listen. Whatever you try to show they won’t see. Their prime priority is to write prescription and empty your pocket. They won’t bother even if u put a bomb on their head. They believe in ...

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JAM Editors Bring You The Career Special June


This week we bring you JAM’s Specials on Careers and Entrance Exams So you aim for a 90%+ in the 12th boards. And you’re still confused what to do? Doctor? Engineer? MBA? Or Media professional? Which exam to prepare for, coaching classes to take. What are you going to do in life after you become one? You are guessing. Nothing ...

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