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Annual Sports Festival (Basketball) of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus 2016

There may never be a perfect example of describing the essence of basketball as it is played at the highest level. It is like describing music through words, or a painting through text. You can give a feeling of the work, or compare it to something else, but you can’t re-create the actual feeling of being on the court, or ...

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Locked Away on V-Day

A friend of mine is coming to Delhi on 13th February. After we graduated from school, he left to pursue engineering in Mumbai, while I stayed back to study at Delhi University. I haven’t seen him in over two years now. So when he got in touch with me on Facebook and told me about his plans of coming home ...

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To Delhi, with love, Iran

Delhi University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world for graduation has always had students coming from far off states of India. The university’s seats being the most coveted, has always held its gates wide open for people who come to “Dilwaalo ki Dilli” dreaming big. And what is even more heartening is that there are people from ...

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Elections Hungama at Delhi University

Delhi University Students’ Union Elections or DUSU elections as they are known took place on the 13th of September this year. With notable politicians like Arun Jaitley and Ajay Maken having risen from DUSU, these elections have been the links between the national leaders and the University. With their identity card as their most important document, students flocked through the ...

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Life begins at Delhi University

I entered the university campus on the first day with a thousand butterflies in the tummy. Once I’d located my college, Daulat Ram, we were greeted at the gate by college authorities with flowers! Wow. I decided to keep my fingers crossed and join the orientation session in the auditorium. The Principal took the microphone, the initial hustle bustle died ...

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Admissions in Delhi Univ are hell, but it’s worth it.

Delhi University Post graduate admissions

I have lived in Mumbai all my life and after completing my undergrads in English Literature from my dream college here, I was clueless about what my next step would be. I was conflicted between further studies and taking up a job. My parents preferred the former and to some extent so did I because I didn’t know what job ...

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It’s a Leak!!!

The now infamous DU CEE leak is the latest addition to the list of high-profile paper leaks in the country. This ain’t good news for us hardworking students, says Kunal Malhotra The recent cancellation of admission of 33 students from CEE (Combined Engg Entrance) of Delhi University has once again brought up the issue of paper leaks into the public ...

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Ballot Talk

Delhi University is all set for another battle of the ballot. Everyone involved in student politics or activism can talk only about the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) election. Kunal Malhotra reports. As the facchas and the lucchas settle down in the new academic year, its time for the most anticipated event of the first half of the session. The ...

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D.U. gets into the Metro mix

Soon students at Delhi University will have an alternative to Kamla Nagar. Delhi University – host to millions of outgoing and enthusiastic students – has, rather unfortunatley, only one dedicated student hangout, the good old Kamla Nagar market. Though K.N. hosts a variety of value for money eating joints and hot spots for the D.U. junta, it bears a tired ...

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