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Engineering in Europe – Mechanical or Mechatronics –

Mechanical engineers and Mechatronics engineers do not only make things go faster, but they also make them smarter. What is Mechanical Engineering ? It deals with designing a component, machine, system or process by using principles of motion, energy and force. You will focus on creating new technology that meets human needs: the engine of a car, the printer that ...

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Couselling or Pressurizing?

“Matri devo bhava, pitri devo bhava.” Many of us might have heard or read this shloka somewhere or the other, at least once in our lifetime. The meaning is clear: our parents have been raised to the status of God. Indeed they are, no second thoughts about it but God only shows and guides us to the right path; he ...

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Do You Need to Speak to a Counsellor?

When should I speak to a counsellor?? Has this question arisen in your mind? Are you unsure when to approach a counsellor or what a counsellor does? Is it only when things go out of control? Or I can just call or if I am going through some stress or emotional distress. The confusion is mainly because of lack of ...

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