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Ah…Valentine’s day

A lovely celebration of amour. This worldwide festival of love was decided to be named in the fond memory of St. Valentines, mostly because it sounded more appropriate than ‘Love-day’. During college years, you are super hyped for the incoming Valentines. It’s like having 31st Dec in the middle of February, where instead of normal resolutions like losing weight, studying, ...

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Top 5 recipes to his heart; Val-Day special

You know how they say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach? This is a 100% true thing. We all love food, food connects people and we celebrate most of our celebrations with food You want to gift him something special but don’t want to buy something lame or cheesy? Then try making something. This valentine’s ...

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Top 10 budget Christmas and New Year gift ideas

With Christmas and New Year knocking at thy door, it is all about the never ending parties, gluttony-guilt triggering delicious food and the hangover you wake up with every morning. And in the midst of all this, you are still trying to figure out what gifts to buy, because you had decided youÔÇÖll buy them this year, because you forgot ...

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Chocolate is the flavour of the month

Ah….14th of Feb. The day that we celebrate love, crushes, feelings, and the exponential sale of the I-pill. To people who did not understand the joke from the last line, please go watch Pogo. But Valentine’s Day is a beautiful occasion; there are lots of desperate girls prior to the V-day looking around for relationships. So, even if you look ...

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Chocolate Day@NM Mumbai

Junior college students celebrated 8th December as Chocolate Day, a ‘day’ organised by the Rotaract Club of N M College. It saw more than 1,400 chocolates being given with personal messages that at times were genuinely hilarious and at times outright filmi. All in all, it was a super event, the proceeds of which were donated to Sneha Foundation, which ...

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