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Chicken at the Republic Day parade

At the Republic Day parade, Obama will be guarded by 1600 security men! Phew! You know the old joke about why the chicken crossed the road? Well, here’s a twist to it. Why did the Indian chicken cross the road at the R-Day parade? For a better view of the American chicken! And Agra has also been made secure for ...

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Restaurant review- Persian darbar

It was my best friend’s birthday and she said “I’m taking you to Persian darbar” and I was like huh what? I had never heard of the place, let alone want to ear there. That was the day chicken became my favourite food forever. I have been a non vegetarian for 17 years of my life, till 3 years back ...

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Review; War Chhod Na Yaar

Bollywood is going all experimental. I am having a gala time. I liked this year’s Zom-Com ‘Go Goa Gone’, it entertained. War Chodd Na Yaar is also a very new concept. It’s a satirical/spoof on the border situation between India and Pakistan which could have gone wrong on so many levels but didn’t. As showcased it is India’s first War ...

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