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Flashback to when you were in the 2nd standard…all neat and tidy uniforms…sitting in your small chairs…the teacher asks you “Where is Air?” and the whole class echoes with the answers of proud two-feet-tall scholars “Air is everywhere”!!! Let’s get back to the present… when pretty much the same thing can be said about computers. Millions and millions bytes of ...

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A few years ago, an MCA was one of the most sought after degrees. With the fall of the IT industry and the recession, the demand for MCA as a profession lessened. But look for this scenario to change soon. So what if the US doesn’t want any of our computer professionals? Thanks to call centers and other backend support ...

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Going Abroad

The US of A (California, Hollywood) is the hub of the animation industry but since the US Government cracked down on visa applicants, a more viable option is studying in Canada. It has some of the best design schools in the world including Sheridan College of Animation, Arts and Design, Vancouver Film School and Institute of Digital Art and several ...

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Computer Animation

Computer Generated Imaging (CGI) has been used in many movies, it drastically cut down the costs of building impressive scenes and filming them. The line between 2D computer animation and classical is slowly blurring. Computers are now used to boost cell animation by doing tedious tasks like in-betweening, colouring and so on.. The Basic Work Two-dimensional COMPUTER animation that is ...

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VidYuth an association by young social entrepreneurs.

Where majority of the youth today abide by the ‘I don’t care attitude’, here are a few students who want to make a difference and create social awareness. VidYuth is an organization which was established in November 2008 by Anshuman Sinha (the founder and initiator of VidYuth) along with his colleagues Somesh Kamra and Varun Verma, who assist him in ...

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