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Careers in Pharma

Traditionally a career in Pharmacy was not held in esteem, as much as engineering or medicine. On the contrary it was believed that people who could not get into a medical college would land up in Pharmacy. The options too were very limited, you could either work for a Pharma company, set up your own drug store. Doing a MBA ...

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Make your CV stand up for you

careers, resume writing

Here are a few tips to ensure you always stay on top of a pile of resumes. Before we go any further, remember that the purpose of a CV is to speak for you in your absence. There are thousands of CVs that interviewers and HR people get. What makes yours stand out? The golden rule for CV-writing is: Make ...

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Wanna be a Dog Trainer?

Pooja Sathe, adores dogs and she says there is nothing better than spending the weekend bonding with your pet. Preferably far away from the hustle bustle of city to the greenery in Lonavala, Manor, Karjat, Kashid or Kelve! Pooja, a professional dog trainer runs Crazy K9 Campers in Mumbai, an initiative formed for pet dogs and owners to provide them ...

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Careers: Snip and Cut!

What used to be looked down upon earlier is now a fashionable career choice. Varun Vazir speaks to some known and new names of the industry to know more about a career in Hairdressing. There was a time when a barber’s profession was not well accepted in society. If someone thought of telling your parents that “I want to be ...

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Wanna be a Horticulturist!

Do you enjoy growing plants? Do you see yourself getting down and dirty? Have you seen movies with a nursery with rows and rows of beautiful exotic plants (with a hero and heroine lost in them)? If the beauty of nature stirs you then you could pursue a career of a Horticulturist! Free dictionary defines horticulture as the science or ...

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Off the beaten track Careers- Book Artists!

    Wanna be a Book Artist Aditi Babel was recently commissioned to create a Book Sculpture for Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th birthday. She is an independent book artist, graphic designer, photographer and printmaker from Rajasthan. A Book Artist is someone who creates books, they can be created on a concept or a particular binding or a combination of both. These are ...

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For the Sake of Murals

You may have seen murals adorning the temples, they portray legendary and mythological figures and their epic battles and life stories. Murals are essentially artwork painted on walls, ceilings or any huge stable surface. These days murals are quite popular in houses as well.   Fiza Khan first painted a monster soccer player on her brother’s room wall as a present. One of her mother’s friends saw ...

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Careers: Wanna be a tattoo artist?

tattoo artist, tattooing careers

Do you have a flair for drawing & painting? Can you visualize human body as your canvas? Then tattooingcould be your one-stop destination. Only 2 years ago, Swapnil Gawde a student of JJ School of Arts opened Tattoo Star Collective a tattoo parlour near Café Coffee Day, off Carter Road, Bandra (W). He says, “If you which to pursue this ...

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Shooting Stars with an Air rifle

Do you fancy holding a gun in your hand and aiming the stars? You could make this dream come true with Air Rifle Shooting. Ever since the 2008 Olympics, when Abhinav Bindra won a gold medal in Air Rifle Shooting, the sport has been gaining popularity among the youth in India. Air Rifle Shooting is a sport played right from ...

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Wanna be a Puppeteer!

Who is your favourite puppet on TV? Is it Mogambo and his son Zogambo from DID Little Masters Season 2 on Zee TV channel inspired by the character played by Amrish Puri in the film Mr India or is it Sonia Gandhi from The Great Indian Tamasha show on Ndtv 24×7 channel or is it Chamki, a five-year-old girl dressed ...

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