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Art Direction

– Gyaan by an Art Director Sanover Srivastav Age 27, Art Director, GreyWorldWide, Mumbai. What is art in advertising? Conceptually, art in advertising is to make a beautiful painting on a given canvas, with a pre-assigned palette that encourages the viewers to empty their pockets. What are the skills needed to be in art? – Sense of aesthetics…conventional or warped… ...

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Why Advertising?

– Rashmi Bansal tells you what to expect, if you join the industry. Advertising is all around us. And it’s a career option that fascinates many, and for diverse reasons. The most common one being, I’m the kind who is ‘full of ideas’ and every time I switch on the telly I feel, “Hey, I can make better ads than ...

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Travel and Tourism

Around The World Globe trotting is always a pleasure but planning one’s journey isn’t. In steps your friendly neighborhood travel agent. Tourism – both leisure and business travel – is a booming industry and being labor-intensive offers hajaar job opportunities. If you loved Geography in school and enjoy interacting with people this could be a career avenue for you. THE ...

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Commercial Pilot

Introduction Airports are a beehive of activity and it’s not just bawling babies and harried passengers. You’ve got ground attendants, engineers, baggage handlers, flight pursers, pilots, cabin crew, stewards, ticket agents, behind-the-scene air traffic controllers… yup, the employment opportunities in the aviation industry are tremendous. Most openings don’t require well honed skills, however the jobs that do require specialization are ...

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Aircraft Maintenance

Love at first flight Aircraft maintenance Engineering Does the roar of an airplane soaring in the blue skies get u all excited? Remember the last time you sat in an airplane? Did you wonder as to who the hell could dream of having a machine flying, while you just sit there in your seat, munching on free sweets, & watching ...

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Air Hostess

Be an Air Hostess 2pm Delhi, 6pm Mumbai, 10pm Calcutta… If this is what you’d fancy your jet-setting travel schedule to be, plus you’d like to get paid for it, then the airlines may be just the kind of job that ur looking for. You must be A 12th standard pass, but a Bachelors degree is preferable,between 19-27 years with ...

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