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May 30, deadline for admissions to Germany. Apply now

International skills A Bachelor in International Management at ISM, Germany, enables students to face the challenges of today’s international work environment. Managers in international business are particularly challenged to be able to fulfill a wide variety of tasks. In addition to having the ability to successfully present a company in regional locations around the globe, international business managers must be ...

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1 more reason to study in Europe

The Trump administration has taken over and among its first policies has been to restrict the issuance of HI-B visas. Trump has openly declared an ​”​anti foreigners​”​ policy. Jobs in the US particularly in the IT engineering science have been coveted by Indian professionals. In the last few years, their government has been steadily reducing the work visas ​​for Indian students​. This ...

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Bye bye Bachelorhood.

Sharmada Sivaram a DU gal describes the bitter-sweet pangs of ending her “bachelorhood”…. Before I began the Final Year of my Bachelor’s degree, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do once my three years of pretending to study at a College ended. I wanted to pretend some more. This time I wanted to pretend while earning ...

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