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Stupid is as stupid does: Holiday Review

Bollywood has been making stupid films from a time we simply cannot remember. But do you know the trend-setter? The one who started the league of extraordinarily stupid and mundane South-Indian remakes that would cash them crores of rupees at the box-office? Brace yourself ! The super-intellectual mind that ruined the Christopher Nolan masterpiece ‘Memento’, not only once but twice, naming it after the antagonist, who shows up to sound terrible and act with a dead pan face is back with another film that will put your intelligence to shame if you use your mind even slightly.

Directed by A. R. Murugadoss, Holiday is the Bollywood remake of his own film Thuppakki. Holiday is about Captain Virat Bakshy (Akshay Kumar) who is back to Mumbai. As the tagline insists on telling us, he entangles himself in a case that involves a bomb blast. As the story moves forward Virat tracks down the people who are behind the happenings and finds out that the sleeper cells have been plotting on a bigger attack on the busiest city in India.

Now let me tell you a few things. The film is not half as bad as Akshay Kumar’s previous works. It’s the best he has done since Special 26. That being said, this is not a great movie, not even a mediocre one, because the amount of stupidity that surrounds this dumb venture exceeds anything that is even minutely good about it. Yes! there is a thumping and engaging background score. Yes! there is a story that revolves around one of the most dreadful aspect India is dealing with , i.e Sleeper Cells but Mr. Murugadoss has devised a film that is literally so imbecile that one can only laugh at the fact that an Army Officer who is off duty can go on making plans that are based on mere assumptions.

Moreover, when the director manages to finally get to the story tackling various Masala movie cliches he over-exaggerates the one specific scene that could have made the most sense. Even if you lay down the senseless things to rest and try to tickle your brain to decide about it, you’ll understand that any kind of possibility of it being minutely amusing exceeds the fact that it just gets boring as it proceeds. To top everything off, there is a romantic angle to this riveting tale of an Army Officer trying to save the country keeping everything on lines that could eventually result in a big-mishap, and probably a big harm to the country all together. Miss. Saiba (Sonakshi Sinha), will squeeze your brains and make it hurt with her tough looks and her supposedly trimmed down body. There is a sequence in a song where she throws a javelin at Virat and he takes out a red-heart from his chest and gladly accepts the javelin. Even though the scene is meant to be superficial it basically shows how insipid the writing is.

There are dialogues which are repeated more than the mid-day commercials on Television and there is a villain whose dead-pan appearance ensures that even he is not interested in doing the character. The film has loopholes which are as big as a Sonakshi Sinha’s forehead and a climax that just calls for mass murder (i.e killing everyone involved in the production), Holiday could perhaps be bearable if it was cut down to less than half of it’s run-time. But with unnecessary plot-lines, over-stretched sequences and a sad sad flow of screenplay, Holiday plays out as another shot in the foot.

Final Verdict: Don’t ruin you Holiday by watching ‘Holiday’. Skip this atrocity and head for Edge Of Tomorrow.

Rating: 1.5/5

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