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TV Channels spreading panic instead of being useful

They say that anything in moderation is tolerable. This is especially true if you consider Himesh Reshammiya’s career (?) as an example.

But when mother and Mother Nature are giving you something—no, is not an option! You just have to buckle up and eat it, and hope to god that you manage to survive through that ordeal in one piece.

A few days back the rain gods showered their wrath upon the helpless people in Kedarnath. The scene was so bad that statistics still keep rolling in till date. Me and all the people from JAM magazine offer our heartfelt condolences to everyone out there at Kedarnath. It feels sad when nature concocts something so vicious and sets it upon the un-expecting feeble humans.

But you know what is even more sad?

It’s all these news channels, who try to flood your minds with gruesome images, using other people’s plight as a way to multiply their TRP ratings.
Its also those salesmen who sell food and water to the needy at rates way higher than MRP, using someone else’s desperation as a way to multiply their money.

And especially, it’s these Politicians! Who parade around as a celebrity, who trick and deceive us by telling stories, who are only using this catastrophe as a way to multiply their vote banks.

It is one of those times when you are embarrassed to be an Indian, but then the people from your Army remind you exactly why this nation is so awesome! Hats, wigs, and toupee’s off to all those gentlemen who put themselves at risk to save the helpless.

I realize I’m not ‘elder’ enough to give people ‘gyaan’ on life, but that has never stopped me from doing anything before and I’ll be damned if it’ll stop me now.

Firstly, all you news channel people! Calm down! We know there’s a flood, the houses beneath the water is a slight giveaway— and unless you can actually do something about the situation, stop spreading panic! Second, to all you Salesman selling life important goods, you are selling Parle G, not LSD, so stop overpricing stuff. And most importantly, to all you politicians! You want to be a VIP? Go to a fashion show, go to a cricket match, go to a freakin bar opening at your local school. Don’t behave like you own the PM of India, at least not publicly. To the others who pretend to be the ‘Desi’ Superman, please write a novel, or write a script for RGV, Hell!!! Write a storyline for the next Rajnikanth movie.

for a change why don’t you focus on the kinds of sickness that is spreading as a result of death. How many doctors and medicines are available. Is there a short fall. what kind of short term and long term help needed in the region.

How can people help. First of all shouldn’t they cancel their plans to visit the shrines? But when will things settle down and it will be appropriate for pilgrims to start visiting once again? Remember the state Uttarakhand gets most of its earning from tourism.

Channels should talk about rebuilding. The electricity poles, roads, the hospitals, the schools, hotels, lodges. BE constructive man. Start talking about it before it become another catastrophe. But I guess only catastrophes sell your channel TRPs.

Let’s all pray that this catastrophe will end quickly, and the wounds in everybody’s minds will quickly heal away. This article is dedicated to all to all the strugglers who fought and lived, to the locals and army men who provide help to the needy! You guys are awesome! #Respect.

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