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Status: In a relationship, with self.

And you shed countless tears, got your heart broken over and over, vowing never to go down that line again and yet, ended up falling for someone, not losing hope in love, only to feel lost and low at the end of the day.

Probably because, while you were busy searching for love, yearning for someone’s warm words and embrace, one person you forgot to care about, is you. While you wished to confide in him/her your insecurities, your interests, your weaknesses, your strengths, you forgot to confide in the person you actually should have, that little soul in you. And, wishing you got back all the affiliation and love you had given him/her, which you never did get, you reclined into a cocoon of self loathing and contempt for self.

What if you probably, instead of looking for confirmation from people who don’t bother to understand your worth, had start a naughty lil affair with, say, yourself? Things might have turned out different, who knows. but the good news is, there is nothing called “too late” for three things- new clothes, new shoes and a new start. Here is presenting you five ways how you can work on strengthening your relationship, this time, with your self.

1. Go tech-blacked out for a while-Switch off that phone, keep that laptop away and sit with that book you were meaning to read since so long. Pamper your mind and while at it, don’t control your thoughts, let them travel the world through the book you are holding in your hand.Self-Discovery_opt

2. Take a vacation-On your own, that is. Go to that place you had planned to go with him/her, especially because you’ll now get to enjoy the place at your pace, time and convenience, not someone else’s. And later, dwell in the pride and confidence you feel after exploring a whole new place on you own. This, after you were once constantly depending on them for confirmations!self-discovery 3_opt

3 A spa-day out-Shell out money, lie down semi naked and indulge in a foreplay of it’s own with exfoliation and aroma therapy. All for that post spa glow on your face and peace of mind.

4. Indulge-Indulging here would not mean post break up binge eating, but enjoying every bite of the food you love eating, forgetting about waist-line worries or putting on weight.

5. Love-Start spending more time with people you let go to spend more time with them, that would include your parents, friends and of course self. Listen to what your heart has to say, because sometimes the best advice is the one you give to others, rather than the ones you receive.Self-Discovery6_opt
And let your mind heal your heart at it’s own course. So that the next time you fall in love, your affair with yourself continues. 🙂

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