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Combat Guide for the College Girl !

Most of you beautiful ladies out there are now ready to take on to the world, But college can be quite a different ball-game than school was! Here are some tips, serious ones!

1. Don’t word hard. Work smart. It’s not your class 10th or 12th boards. Grow up!

2. Make lots of friends! Especially the dumb day scholars. They’ll feed you with notes and their car 😉

3. Always wear kajal to your classes. You’ll pretty, that’s one thing. The days you want to bunk classes, Don’t wear Kajal and pretend to be sick! Instant sympathy from Professors!

4. If a creep is staring at you, start picking your nose. He’ll stay miles away from you. Mission Accomplished!

5. Remember you’re in college, Not in a movie. Dress your age! Don’t show off your legs and waist at the same time! Males are kind of repressed. If you know what I mean!

6. There’s no “Student of the Year” act happening. Drop the accent?

7. If a senior guy picks on you, pull off a 3-Idiots Prank. No “Mutra Visharjan” for the rest of his term.

8. Never say you’re a Honey Singh/ Justin Beiber fan. People judge. In this case, I shall too.

9. Go on road trips. Well, If not now, Then WHEN?
10. Defy hostel rules and get into cat-fights. C’mon, It’s okay to have some fun 😉 Besides, everyone likes to be in the limelight!

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