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Software Roulette

The recession has taken its toll on software jobs across the country. Rashmi Bansal dissects the situation.

A tiny news item on page 7 of Economic Times a few days ago declared ‘Wipro Tech to honour job offers’.
The gist of it is that Wipro will honour all offers made to all 6,000 graduates during 2007-08. These grads would join the company between May and December 2009 and undergo training for two months.

Thereafter, ‘if they are not engaged in any billable project, they would only be paid a stipend of Rs 6,000 per month’. The report adds that Wipro had made offers to 14,000 graduates with 2008-09 joining dates at a salary of Rs 2.75-3.25 lakhs per annum. 40% of this lot is still waiting to be inducted.

I am wondering, if I were this young engineering graduate how would I look at the situation:
a) Option A: Hope and pray for the best – maybe I’ll be one of those on a billable project.
If that hope is belied, I will still be grateful for a chance to be in a software company (because that was my dream job). And I’ll use this time to learn all that I can – from my seniors, from books, from the internet.

Kabhi to mera number aayega!
b) Option B : Take the Rs 6000 per month and use the time to prepare for CAT. Better than sitting at home and preparing for CAT
… earning nothing.
And well, in any case I joined Wipro only to pass time while I look for something better. Preferably a million miles away from software!
c) Option C: Not join Wipro at all. Because you know… I know this is not the job for me, whether I get billable projects or not.

Sadly I don’t really KNOW what I want but one has to start somewhere. And better today, than ten years from now!

Now I have not done a scientific survey but I bet 90% of you would choose option ‘b’. In fact this is what the average software employee was thinking anyways, even when the company was paying full salary.

I know many of us think,”One has to be selfish in this world. I’ve got to put *me* first.”

The only trouble is this strategy doesn’t necessarily solve anything. You slog it out, make it to a Bschool and at the end of it are still left wondering,”Is this it?”

There are no fireworks when you hold your new offer letter in hand.

Heck, it doesn’t even have as many zeros as you thought an ‘MBA salary’ should.
Ab kya?

Kuch nahin. This is the life you have chosen – accept it with all your heart and be the best you can be!
Or, refuse to ‘play it safe’ and figure out where you would rather be.

There is no third path – except mediocrity.

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