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Smart ideas for Valentine’s day, on a budget

Oh the festival of love, hearts and red confetti. Valentines day has such a charm, committed or single, everyone gets hit by the cherub’s arrow. But while his arrow strikes you with love, it will not strike you with a lot of cash. So how do you make a grand gesture of love with your pocket not so full? We’ll tell you.

The most important thing- don’t merchandise it. Buy gifts but try making them. Plan a date but don’t make it all about the location and price. A good date need not be lavish, it can be inexpensive but crazy romantic.

1. Seaside
Bandstand, Worli seaface, you choose. Buy a wok in a box or handy treats like marshmallows and a cup of coffee and spend the evening with your love in this timeless romantic spot.
Average cost- Rs. 500

2. Bakery
LSD, theobroma, and Boston cupcakeries are the best spots for sitting with your sweetheart and trying various sweet treats that these amazing little bakeries have to offer. What to try? Everything! Go crazy with brownies, cupcakes and pastries, these will be done within Rs. 600 There will be a rush, so try getting in early.
Average cost- Rs. 600

3. Restaurants
The thing about restaurants is getting a reservation or handling the rush but if you can get in, nothing like it. Try Chez moi (BKC) for it’s variety in wines and romantic ambiance, Global Fusion (linking road Bandra) for it’s buffet and ambiance, California pizza kitchen (Lower Parel, BKC, Malad) for that perfect pizza or Vedge (Andheri) for amazing Thai food.
Average cost- Rs. 1500

4. Wine tasting
The perfect way to spend this day, wine tasting with your guy or girl. Elegant, rich and at the right place, not that expensive.
Try going by glass, not bottle 😛
The tasting room (Lower Parel), Mia Cuchina (Powai), Cafe Terra (Bandra) are a few of the best places.
Average cost- Rs. 1000-1500

5. Colaba Causeway horse carriage
Sunset, light breeze and a horse carriage- is there anything you can do to make it more romantic? I doubt. For that extra touch carry a single red rose (you can try artificial ones that look real, that way she’ll always have it) and a pack of Ferrero Rocher that you can both enjoy.

6. Library
Have a bookworm for a boyfriend/girlfriend? Take them to the asiatec library/ kitaab khana or any popular library and buy them the books they want. Nothing trust me, is more romantic than a classic romance novel bought by your special person. If you go to kitaab khana, you can also have pasta and the like at the cafe right inside the library.

7. SouthMumbai tour
SouthMumbai is the prime of Mumbai, so beautiful, clean and holds so many landmarks. Take your date around town, on foot or a taxi and eat as you go. End with CST in the evening for that magical evening (which won’t even need planning).
Average cost- Rs. 1000 for travelling and food.

8. DDLJ at Maratha Mandir
This is a classic Bollywood romantic movie and it plays at Maratha Mandir everyday. Grab some snacks, buy the tickets (Ôé╣20 each) and enjoy your perfect date.
Average cost) Rs. 300

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