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SIES College

Officially called: South Indian Education Society

Unofficially called: Students In Extreme Sadness

How to get there: Walk from the station. Be warned that there are two S.I.E.S.es in Sion. One’s called Old SIES and the other’s the New SIES. The one we are talking about is the Old one. But it just got renovated last year, so technically this should be the New SIES. But no, it still continues to be called ‘Old’ SIES. Why? Coz it’s less confusing that way. (There’s also one at Nerul, But don’t go there)

Campus: Non-existent. We just have a measly little space called the ‘Quadrangle’. Nothing much happens there apart from the college festivals and NCC drills. There is no auditorium. The screenings happen in classrooms itself. And the ‘gymkhana’ stocks only carom and chess boards.

Canteen: Warning, you’ll need oxygen masks to go there. The place gets so suffocating that you almost forget the smell of oxygen after a single meal. Once you manage to order a meal, gont be surprised if the palak paneer tastes like chineese chat item. In short the junta here prefer the outside eatabes over the canteen crap.
Crowd: Mostly Mallus and Madrasis, all from an English speaking family. The people here might not know hindi but they sure are fluent in English (sometimes we swear at them in desi, they have no clue). There are also Gujjus. Catholics are also in pretty ok numbers.

Hangouts: There’s this nice little place called SB’s (acronym for Santosh Bhuvan’s). It’s quite a shabby little place for some people’s preferences. But we love the service there. The food is good too. You can smoke your lungs out here. Sit at the place for all eternity (without even ordering). In contrast is the CCD. Pretty much like any other CCD, nothing special here. Gurukrupa is famous all over the city for its fantastic Punjabi fast food. Cine Planet is where we catch up on the latest flicks. Psst, The ‘Joint Juntaa’ hangout at a secerate location ‘Hari Om Baba’s’

The Faculty: There are some real good expert educators here. Our college has a reputation for kicking out crappy teachers. The visiting faculty is kinda ok though. And the office staff ahh.. I just wanna throw frozen tamatoes at them. I bet a tap dancing monkey could get me my forms faster than the office clerks.Look at me, I still haven’t got my first sem ka marksheet.

Fest: ‘Visions’ is the annual college fest. Unfortunately it’s not very popular outside of college. The festival is fun, but not famous.

Extra-currics: We have quite a few. TAC (The Advert Club) is one of the most active. The Lit Club (Literature, duh!) is another lively group.

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