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Shivajirao S Jondhale College of Engineering

Also known as: VJTI Veer Jondhale Technical Institute!
The Location: Off an old dusty highway. Thankfully we have a largesse housing complex right next to the college, so that the whole place doesn’t seem haunted by the disturbed souls of engineers.

The crowd: Majority of them are the scrupulously miserly Dombivali-tes. The ‘aga majhi batatyachi bhaaji dena” types. Himesh is God here. But there are a load of rockers in the Mechanical and Production departments and the newer students filling in are constantly taking the crowd novelty factor higher.

The Campus and infrastructure: A huge campus with a central building which is 3 buildings put together actually. Mr. Jondhale planned a pentagonal structure sometime in 1995 and it’s still unfinished.

There are 7 labs loaded with computers of the time when Lenovo was IBM. If the viruses inside each PC are put together, it’d be more than the population of this earth. There was also a huge empty space inside the main building which served as the bunkers hangout called ‘khandahar’. It is now being converted to a lab/staff room/god knows what.

The library is the only brag worthy feature in the whole college. Nice, clean, cool and they’ve even got a subscription to Wired magazine. Yay!

There’s also a large area behind the college where you can go off trekking. It’s awesome in the rainy season, replete with a mini river, loads of boulders and the occasional gaai-bhains to keep you company on your escapades.

The faculty: It’s a mixed bag really. Most of them are really nice and helpful, while a handful of them are evil enough to fill up a book on ‘How to make students shiver by the very sound of your name.’

Canteen: The canteen is really sad and jinxed; there are new people on contract year after year. So the menu changes year after year as well. That apart, this place is teeming with people all day long. It’s the central conglomeration point for most people with the ‘timepass’ gene imbibed in them. The food is not bad and the only problem is that you can’t finish your assignments here during lunch time.

The Hangouts: You have Metro, a shopping mall within 10 minutes of the college. It is filled with SSJ trained shoppers who’ll want Gucci/Armani fakes in 100 bucks ‘Deneka hai to de, warna ja’.

Fests: Odyssey is the name of the 4 day intra-college cultural fest and for most it is just a time to come to college minus bag. Some consider it as a mini-vacation and the Tech fest is leaps and bounds better than the sordid cult-fest. Leave the tech fest to the Mech-Prod guys and they’ll make sure they’ll play heavy metal during the robot wars.


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