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Selfie the new obsession

#selfie the buzz word of social media is the obsession our generation. The Oxford dictionary selected this word as “word of the year 2013” after seeing it weas being used 17000% more than in the previous year! Let us see a few innovations or changes that might happen in future because of this selfie.

Mobile companies would introduce a button for camera in the rear side of the mobile that can be easily reached by the fore finger. So that you don’t have to strain yourself using your thumb every time

· Famous Clothing brands would manufacture t-shirts and tops with mirrored letters( like in AMBULANCE)

· The word front camera will be replaced by selfie camera in Camera options

· Resolution and pixel of selfie(front) camera would overtake the conventional primary cameras

· Flash would be added to the front side of the mobile that enables you to take selfies even in low light

· Auto face detection will be replaced by “Auto Duck Face Detection” so that when you make a duck face the camera clicks automatically

· Snapchat app would be integrated with all front camera mobiles

· Even Digicams and Smart Televisions will have front Cameras in future

· Apple would work on a selfie Gadget named “iSelfie”

· Like “Group Play app” by Samsung, Mobile companies would introduce “group selfie app” which when connected via Bluetooth or WiFI would help you take group selfie integrating all the cameras and their flashes simultaneously

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