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Satyagrah – Satyanash

The rates at which tickets of Satyagrah are selling today is astonishing – it’s twice the usual price. “Bhaiyaa filam multi starrer blockbuster hai isliye price zyada kiaa gaya hai”.

I showered him with my middle finger after the show was over.

Satyagrah is about Dwarkanath Anand (Amitabh Bacchan) an idealist who strongly believes in his principles and never stands for anything that is wrong. Doesn’t take the violent path though (typical Gandhian). Ajay Devgan (Manav Raghvendra), an ambitious businessman-turned Satyagrahi, Kareena Kappoor (Yasmin Ahmed, a journalist-turned Satyagrahi) , Arjun Rampal (Arjun, a student leader) and Amrita Rao (Sumitra , brought down by the system- widowed).

Sadly, these characters are as scattered and half-baked as the scenes that one gets to see in the film after a number of unwanted lathi-charges on the on-screen satyagrahis. The film hence goes haywire with numerous subplots which try to be realistic with frankly easily recognizable references to Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption, the presentations of the Jan Lokpal Bill, and the death of the engineer(the highway case).

Amitabh Bacchan single-handedly tries to uplift the movie above all the errors. Ajay is know for the easiness with which he delivers his punch lines, here he seems drowsy with that fat face of his (I am sure you will notice it) and merely mumbles his lines. Kareena Kapoor supposedly rumoured to be playing Christiane Amanpour was all over the place. Arjun Rampal was promising as Rudra Pratap Singh in D-Day, wonder why he choose such a flimsy role here, so much for disappointment right? Amrita Rao is hardly noticeable. Manoj Bajpai has mastered the role of playing a bad guy in Jha’s ventures he is as always. -amazing.

Final Verdict : With too many hash tags floating along to the screen (trying to show the use of social media in political changes?) and just one scene where a woman (wonder who) comes up to speak with her two children which led to ‘Amaran-Anshan’. Satyagrah fails to move you emotionally, neither does it inspire. What a waste of such a well intentioned social message. SATYA-NAASH

Rating : 2.25/5 or 2

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