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Sale Season

For most people, rainy season means romantic weather, hot food and getting wet in the rains. For some of us, it’s more than that. It’s the end of season sale.

Now while most of you people will be gearing up for the weekends, here are a few tips from a fellow shopper to help you make the most of this sale.

1. Go on weekdays. Trust me, you will avoid the long queues and actually get to see something.

2. The second you see something you like, GRAB it. You have second thoughts with the thing in your hand, or you won’t even get a chance at it.

3. Keep track of your budget and needs. Make a list of the must haves and nice to haves and things you can survive with or without.

4. Carry a pocket calculator. Don’t laugh. The last thing you need is to get embarrassed at the billing counter.

5. CHECK THE DISCOUNTS ON EVERY ITEM YOU SELECT. While stores may say “Flat 50% off”, that might not be on all brands so keep checking the discount labels.

6. Don’t waste time in the changing rooms, you know exactly how annoying it is to be the one waiting outside them, don’t subject others to the same torture.

7. Be quick. Quick on your feet, quick to select, quick to grab and quick to pay. You will suffer if you are slow when you see that beautiful floral blazer go into someone else’s bag.

Be sure of your expectations from brands. If you get a decent top at Zara or Mango within 1500, that’s a good bargain, but the same math does not apply to all brands. Keep an eye out for variety, couple some coloured denims with striped tops or floral sweaters and neon golden accessories.



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