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Roomies keep screwing my boring life

Roomies?  How do I define them? The guys who share rent with you or the guys with whom you live with under a roof!

Naah! Roomies are those who love screwing your peaceful life and love using your stuff.

For a year I was living alone with my own as I was working on a novel and believe me, I was loving the way I was living. The only problem which I was facing was the rent! I was living alone in a house with 3 rooms and the rent was  unbearable for a semi-berozgar guy. But, I listened to my brother’s opinion which was to share the house with 4 freaks. Well ‘majburi ka naam prime minister!’, I need roomies in order to save some money for my already pissed-off girlfriend.

I met these 4 freaks who seemed every one of them to be nice guys. Almost.

After spending 6 months with these guys, I can really define them.

Shankarishi, the guy with stinking skin and (-6) powered-specs who loves drinking ‘blueberry flavored beer’ and fall in love with every other girl. But, hey! Wait! Not every other girl, just every other actress. He is actually our movie library. You want XYZ movie and he’ll bring it to you, no matter what ‘kind of’ movie you want (I guess, you can well understand the ‘kind of’ thing).

Ashu, the only guy in the house with a committed relationship. Well, he is a best example of nanha-munha bachcha who doesn’t drink (sometimes) and don’t smoke (sometimes). He is kind of Dropati and we as Chir-Haran krne wale (not literally, of course ). You wanna practice or try your wrist power?! Go, and try this hulk Ashu. But wait! Watch out, because if he grabs you then you’re done. Once even our landlord caught us in the most embarrassing moment where actually we were on Ashu in order to ‘kick his ass’ but…. The landlord laughed it as, “the government allowed this as legal, that doesn’t mean you guys can do it. Close the door at least”.

The third one: Subranshu, the big time tharky! All he just needs a right time and right girl, and he’ll not miss a single chance to shoot a ‘chance at her’. Because of his tharkypan, we have got into many fights, sometimes with the girl’s boyfriend or brother.  Now, he is our wardrobe. Say it our luck or his bad luck, but all his clothes are fit us. So generally, you’ll get him in only one piece i.e., underwear. And yes! It’s the only thing of his which we don’t prefer to wear.

The last guy: Nitin, the guy with a broken window i.e., his broken tooth. This guy is the jugadu of our house. You are hungry at 2 a.m. and don’t have anything to eat?! Go to Nitin, if he’s in a good mood then probably he’ll open his Pitara where he hides all the treasures like cigarettes and cookies. I really didn’t get it from where he pulls out those things. Either he is having that ‘Shaka laka boom boom magical pencil’ or maybe a Genie under his armpit.

In the starting, I felt really weird and angry with my messed-up room my stuff landed in their places. But gradually, I felt that this is the real way to live a bachelor life. Not a neat orderly room but a room where you’ll find pillow under the bed, cigarette butt on the desk instead of on the ash-tray, diffusing of books on a Shoe-shelf, a cheap novel on the bed. A room where you have a boxing bag (as Ashu) to practice. The roomies who always there to give you the support by saying ‘Tere se nahi hone wala!’. The roomies who will help you in arranging the tomorrow’s presentation. The roomies who stand for you whenever you pick any quarrels and help you in picking a girl friend.

And I am enjoying having these freaks as my roomies who are always there to screw my loneliness and boring life.

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