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Hari Chakyar describes all the fun he has with his pet cockroaches

I am changing into a nocturnal animal gradually from the early bird I used to be. Ech, I hate worms. Say hi to Mr. Owl here. I sleep at 2 every morning after regular doses of the net, TV and books (sad indeed that books are last in the list).

My house is full of cockroaches. Big grandpa roaches, tough father
roaches, feeble but quick momma roaches, bratty, naughty sibling roaches and teeny-weeny baby roaches just out of their eggs, just a little wider than an eyelash. I wonder if our building is standing on the same land where the cockroaches had their ancestral property in the last life and now they have set out to avenge it.

Like I told you, it’s well past midnight when I settle down to have dinner, for it is only then that my tummy growls,

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