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Review; RoboCop

So I don’t know where to start and where to end this, since the fans of the original will shit all over what I say. But, as I haven’t seen the original I think I am entitled to my own opinion on the RoboCop movie.

RoboCop is basically the story of Detective Alex Murphy (Joek Kinnaman), who gets critically injured during a car explosion in front of his home. CEO of OmniCorp Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton) sees it as a golden opportunity to make him feel alive again by turning him into “Robocop” — a cyborg police officer who is touted as the future of law enforcement in America. However, OmniCorp, the related greedy people and some corrupt police personals are not aware that he still has his personal vengeance to pursue the criminals who nearly caused his death in his mind.

I do confess I was quite engaged in the movie for most of its time. The highly stylish setting and the not-so-bad acting made it work for me. I agree this is not a perfect film, it has flaws with its pacing when the transformation from a near dead guy to a inhuman-super-cop takes place. It takes 10-15 extra minutes to set things, it felt more like they were trying to over-use the best actor on-board, Gary Oldman as the doctor. Other than that and a few technical glitches the only other problem I had with the film was the PG-13 rating that strictly had a No-No for any kind of blood, which took some steam off from the action sequences. Having said that, the film does have ample amount of bullets flying around with intense action scenes. The shaky-camera doesn’t take away the fun and the viewers get what’s actually happening.

The screenplay does seem sloppy at times and the personal vengeance scenario felt half written. The social-commentary narrated by Samuel L. Jackson is not exactly ear-charming as you would expect but in the end RoboCop manages to be mildly entertaining and a fun popcorn flick. The film also has a really cool soundtrack that uplifts the intensity of the action sequences.

Final Verdict: It’s a one-time watch. Watch it if you dig action movies. And if you read the review: ‘Thanks for your Cooperation’.

Rating: 2.5/5

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