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Review; Paddington


The movie begins with a young explorer  from London leaving on an expedition to Peru South America where he comes across a pair of bears in the forest.  Their intelligence and friendliness wins him over and he spends a lot of time with them and they become his friends and become over fond of English orange marmalade. When he leaves to go back home he parts  of with his hat as a gift to the bears and with a promise that if ever they visited London he would give them a warm welcome.


A few years later in the forest there is a small bear who enters the old┬á bear couple’s house to inform them that the oranges are ripe and it’s marmalade season. This young bear is a walking disaster wherever he goes things break and fall. Suddenly a storm┬áhits the forest destroying the bears’ house and killing the old male bear. The female bear is shattered and she gives the young bear the explorer’s hat and sends him off as a stowaway in a ship for England to go to London to find the explorer and get a home in London.


The whole heart warming tale, the bear is cute and his blunders bring laughter in the movie. It’s a very good┬ámovie for children and adults.

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The cinematography is exceptional as you see the delightful Peruvian Forests and the city of London. Actor Hugh Bonneville as the father does a rather fine performance Nicole Kidman as Millicent Clyde the explorers daughter acts as the antagonist with perfect acting and superb expressions.

My rating 4/5

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