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Movie Review; “Her”

Picture this, Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansen in bed, getting steamy. I’m sure that’s a scene that would raise several eye brows and many would even wonder how the censor board allowed it to be played in India in the first place. But wait! It’s not what it sounds like. Or rather, it’s just the sounds and no visuals. That’s right. Directed by Spike Jonze, ‘Her’ is quite a unique movie. It’s the story of a man going through a rough divorce and how he rebounds on his… Operating system!

The operating system is an artificial intelligence-voiced by Scarlett Johansen- that has a mind of its own. Better known as Samantha, a name that the Os chooses for itself, she is programmed to be a personal assistant. And that includes reading, sending and bifurcating emails, playing songs and videos, searching for information on the internet etc etc all through mere voice command by the operator or in this case, the owner. But Sam, starts to develop into a person of her own by thinking outside of what she is programmed to do and starts falling in love with the awkward, Theodore Twombly. Twombly is a bespectacled office worker who writes personal letters in lieu of family members. He speaks out the words that his computer captures and writes the words in a handwriting format.

Otherwise of his work, he has just two friends and is quite lonely since his separation from his wife who he still dearly loves and is not yet ready to sign the divorce papers, even though she is. Seeing him in a bad state and picking up his mood from his voice tone, Sam decides to set him up on a date. He agrees to go see the girl upon persuasion from Sam but doesn’t fare to well and ends up sending the girl back home, crying.

That night while in bed, Sam and Theodore realise their love for each other. Days pass by and the two become inseparable with Theodore starting to consider Sam as his girlfriend. What follows is a whirlwind romance between the two unlikely pair and the quintessential ultimate heartbreak. Now who breaks whose heart is for you to watch and be prepared for a great anti-climax.

The movie is strictly 18+ owing to the generous using of the various expletives and some provocative scenes.

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