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Review; Ek Thi Daayan

This horror movie comes from two of Indian cinema’s creative minds ie Vishal Bharadwaj and Ekta Kapoor. We already had a glimpse of ‘Dayaan’ in Bhardwaj’s Movie ‘Makadi’, but ETD finally found a pride of place where it deserves to be – horror film genre. The movie is based on short stories of Mukul Sharma (Konkana’s real life father).
Story revolves around, Bobo(Emraan Hashmi), a magician who hallucinates with his past experiences with ‘Daayan’ and three women (Kalki Koechlin, Huma Qureshi, Konkona Sen Sharma) who play the game of ‘Guess the Daayan’.
I will not reveal the story as it will spoil the movie watching experience.

The first half is all about Bobo’s childhood, where the audience is taken through a hypnosis session on Bobo. This part of the movie is awesome, Mukul Sharma’s story brings the Daayan to our very own city of Mumbai, into our building. The production team has done a wonderful job with the sets. There is a creepy lizard, which is really scary at least for people like me who have a phobia of reptiles. The story evolves with concepts like the ‘Ulta pair’ of Indian Chudail, Long lusturous ‘choti’, No. 666, and kid eating ‘Dayaan’.

The second half is predictable but with few twists to the end. Though the first half gave a new perspective to horror movie lovers but again the later half got trapped in the stereotype.

Emraan is above average and generous enough to let the ladies play their roles. Konkana with her unconventional beauty stands out and succeeds in scaring the audience. The other actors like Kalki and Huma Qureshi also did their parts well. And not to forget the two kids (essayed by Sara Arjun as Misha and Vishesh Tiwari as the young Bobo and his sister) are worth mentioning. Pavan Malhotra (Emraan’s father) is natural as always.

Two songs, ‘Yaaram’ and ‘Kaali Kaali’ are good and the background score gives the goose bumps. Kanan Iyer as a first time director should take a bow, as he has a strong hold on script.

Rating – 3.0 stars

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