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Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology (R.G.I.T), Mumbai

Statutory Warning: There are only 3 BEST buses that ply on the college route and only one of them transports you to and from the Andheri station. Wait, another bad news is that the frequency of this enlightened bus sucks and the station is certainly not a walk-in-2-mins option. Good news: Share the rick. They stand right in front of the college gate.

By far this is one college I must accept I chose over the likes of Vidyalankar, IoT or Saboo Siddik simply because of its proximity to the wonders of the upmarket Juhu-Versova Beach road. The building structure itself is a result of thoughtful and creative architectural brains. The college derives its name from the youngest PM of India who was hailed as an intellectual and the real 21st century face of modern India. But the college doesn’t even have a photo (forget a statue) of this visionary anywhere in its premises.

Infrastructure: But as they say ‘Nothing is perfect’ and hence neither is RGIT. The structure and the interiors apart, the college lacks a decent playground anywhere near its vicinity, although the management claims a swampy mangrove right in front of the building as the college playground. Not surprisingly, RING Football and BOX Cricket are the order of the day. But this doesn’t dampen the spirits of the highly energetic crowd from participating or from cheering the participants.

Academics: One of the few colleges in the city to boast of an Instrumentation Engg. Department, from where the college annually gets its merit holders. The staff is pretty chilled out as most of our professors are either fresh B.E. graduates or very young nonetheless (except the HODs). Not to suggest that the teaching is poor.

Crowd: A very balanced crowd. You’ll find those far-suburban Marathi-speaking crowd as well as the convent pedigree here. But, as most of the staff consists of hardcore Maharashtrians, the latter find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to convincing them to dole out internal marks generously.

Jai Maharashtra!

Canteen: Well, 8 out of 10 college canteens suck but I can proudly claim mine is amongst the remaining two-tenths. An expectedly Shetty (not shitty) canteen; the owner Anna dishes out a variety of items like pav-bhaji, misal-pav, idli vada dosa, chinese hakka/schezwan noodles and another specialty, the Idli Chilly. There aren’t any great eating outlets nearby but the canteen is a fair bet. The ‘tapri’ which is at a stone’s throw provides what Anna can’t provide. The rest is history.

Hangout: The morning show at PVR, Juhu is the main attraction with people catching up with lectures after the film is done.

Fests: ZODIAC is the official 4-day long college fest held at the beginning of the even semesters and a very grand one indeed. A lot goes into its organizing but all that pays off at the end if you go by it’s success year after year.

The IEEE and CSI chapters also slog it out in organizing seminars and techfests in a healthy attempt to get that one-upmanship.

A victim of occasional praise and eulogy, RGIT is a sleeping giant almost ready to wake up.

– Karthik Thomas

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