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R.I.P.D – Let this film to rest in peace!

R.I.P.D (Rest In Peace Department) is an action-comedy film directed by Robert Schwentke (REDS, 2010), based on Peter M Lenkov’s comic book of the same name. The film starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as Roy Pulsipher and Nick Walker respectively. After this movie, Hollywood should understand that every successful comic can’t be turn into a successful movie.

The movie is hybrid form of M.I.B and HELLBOY where the ghost is being treated by dead officers.

Nick Walker (Boston Police Department Detective) steals a bag of gold found during a drug raid with his colleague Bobby Hayes and buries his share of the gold in the backyard of his home. His conscience urges him to return the bag to the department but unfortunately Bobby kills him by betraying in a shootout with criminals, framing one of the criminal for the murder. Then what happens you have seen in the trailer. Nick awakens in the office of Mildred Proctor (Mary-Louise Parker), the director of R.I.P.D which is an agency that recruits dead officers to battle the forces of evil on earth. There Nick agrees to join R.I.P.D when Proctor promises to reunite him with his wife. He meets his new partner from 1800s, Roy. Then, Nick and Roy return to earth in order to kill ‘dead evils’.

There was not any superb kind of spark in the comedy scenes. The scene where Roy appears as a hot woman and Nick as a short Chinese guy turns out to be the only memorable scene in the movie. From leads to co-actors, everyone were seems to be dull as marsh. The leads of the movie seemed like they were running out of cash and just signed the movie for pocket money.

If I talk about the plot then every action scene was quite predictable. The dialogues were forced, the visual graphics were from the 1980’s. So, comic lovers better just sit and read its graphic novel instead.
My rating: * ½ (only for the hot woman)

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