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R.I.P. Archie Andrews

Archie Andrews a lovable freckle-faced teenager who came into our lives and became a comic book icon through the immensely popular comic book series has bid us adieu. A transitional series followed the famous gang from Riverdale High School into their adult years after college. This spin-off series called the ‘Life With Archie’ has finally drawn the curtains on its adorable and fun-loving character that brought us laughter and fun throughout our carefree childhood years and awkward teenage phase. Archie has and will always be an adored icon created by Vic Bloom and Bob Montana since 1941. They deserve all accolades for bringing such a refreshing comic series into our lives.

It was a sad day for comic aficionados worldwide as the latest 36th issue of ‘Life With Archie’ witnessed one of the most dramatic and gut-wrenching selfless act for friendship. Archie in a heroic manner tries to stop the assassination of his friend Kevin Keller who happens to be Archie Comic’s first openly gay character. Archie takes a bullet for his friend and eventually dies from the gruesome gunshot wound. The 37th issue being the last installment of ‘Life With Archie’ series will follow up one year after Archie’s death where Riverdale will commemorate their red-headed hero and cherished friend.

Fans may be biding a tearful farewell to adult Archie Andrews. But there is good news. The teenage version of freckle-faced red head Archie and his gang of adorable characters like best friend Jughead Jones, love interests Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge, nemesis Reggie Mantle will continue to light up our lives. Feeling gutted as you left us on such a poignant note. Thank you for redefining the meaning of friendship. Hope heaven treats you well, Archie.

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