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R.C.S.M.G.M.C. Kolhapur

Name: Rajarshi Chhatrapathi Shahu Maharaj Government Medical College, Kolhapur (Another reason for the seniors to rag us!)

Also known as: GMCK

Campus: One of the largest in the state and is situated in the heart of the city. The affiliated hospital, CPR is one of the largest and the best in the district of Kolhapur for inexpensive medical care. The 1st year college is near the boys hostel, about 5.5 kms. away on the outskirts of the city.

Hostel: Will give any private college hostel a run for its money. I can proudly say that the boys hostel is one of the best! Although the girls do have a hard time, coping with load shedding, water shortage in their hostel on-campus, at times.

Attendance: Compulsory (What’s new?). But it’s 80% in practicals and 75% in lectures per subject per term.

Faculty: Although it’s a relatively new college, we do have an eclectic mix of the best and the worst. The faculty is quite helpful and experienced too.

Hangouts: The local Vishwas canteen (for yesterday’s fresh grub), Hotel Rajarshi (great service but horrible food), Hotel Maharaja (great food horrible service, Mahalaxmi Foods (for great South Indian fare). Then there are the theatres with very mythological names – Parvathi multiplex, Uma, Usha, Ayodhya, Urmila, Saraswati, Prabhat, Venus and Apsara (Phew!!). Also the guys frequent the so called ‘posh’ areas viz. Rajarampuri and Tarabai Park for bird-watching or just hanging out at The Ovens, Smokin’ Joes and Cafe Coffee Day.

Crowd: The following species exist:
1. Bacillus friendophilus – The over friendly species who believes that a relationship is all take and no give!
2. Hymenolepis behenjis – 50% of the girls belong to this species and the rest are all wannabe behenjis (due to a strict ‘non-existent’ dress code).
3. Leishmania dud(e)– You’ll find this extremely common species by their ‘dressing down’ morphology wearing low waists and flashing Amul, Dollar and Robin-Hood (yes, that’s a brand of undies) underwear!
4. Enterobius nerdillaris – This species is highly in demand at the time of exams, journal submission and project completion. Keeping this species well-nourished at all times is considered a very rewarding experience.

Canteen: Sucks! Horrible seating and even worse food. The mess manager has been changed thrice due to complaints incl. Wormy cabbage, watery dal and rock-hard rotis. The new mess guy is strictly OK.

Fests: The Student’s Council is pretty active. The College magazine Spandan, the annual gathering ‘Impulse’ in Feb., the Ganesh festival ‘Atharva’, Sports fest, etc – we’ve got them all.
– RSMGMC-ite

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