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lootera, ranvee, sonakshi
lootera, ranvee, sonakshi

Preview; Lootera “A labour of love”

Is Lootera going to be the next big Romance?

Hot? like YJHD
Medium, OK?
Romance, with a bit of tragedy thrown in?

Yes it’s got Ranveer, Sonakshi, and the music has been getting good reviews. Coming on the heels of YJHD and Raanjhanaa, it had better be good. Now we are fans of Ranveer’s acting skills and energy on screen, but Sonakshi still has to try not being cutesy, damsel-y.

The trailers make it sound like a typical love story. With elements of a tragedy. The situation, of a guy who fakes love for whatever reason and inevitably falls in love with the girl who he was trying to fool. Ranveer getting stereotyped roles (Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl)?

This is a story two lovers (Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha), forbidden by their parents to marry each other and consequently the duo elope. However, their marriage is soon on the rocks and they get a divorce. 5 years later, the two meet again and believe that they still love each other. Then Ranveer finds out that Sonakshi has a rare disease and will soon die, which makes him come up with a plan to save her.

Go figure if its worth the labour “of love”.

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