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Pragyan Feb 23-26 NIT Trichy

Pragyan 2012 is guaranteed to be bigger, better and much more fun. The stakes have increased and so has the competition. Pragyan is not about winning or losing, it is about celebrating. Come, be a part of Pragyan 2012, let’s celebrate technology, together!

National Institute of Technology, Trichy (NITT) is ranked 10th among institutes of higher learning in India and is ahead of all other NITs. With an assortment of cultures and multifarious talents it boasts as hub of innovation.

Pragyan, first conceived in 2005, over the years, has evolved into one of the most prestigious techno-management festivals in India. The 7th edition of Pragyan saw the participation of 10,000 from 300 different technical and managerial institutes all over the world and over 7,000 viewers in campus. The workshops on robotics, aircraft design and entrepreneurship were a huge success while the guest lectures by various famous names added to the triumph of Pragyan. Crossfire, GREENgineer and an assortment of exhibitions called out to the young minds to Create, Innovate and Scintillate.

Now they launch of the latest edition of Pragyan, the International Techno-Management festival of National Institute of Technology

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