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Practicing Humanity

We are in the middle of a heated rat race and the end is nowhere in sight. It’s getting bad down here in these tunnels; the rats are beginning to turn on each other.

Sadly though, we are not rats. That would have justified the atrocities in the world like discrimination, poverty, corruption and even murder. But for human beings, the turbulence we are facing as a species is disgraceful.

So how do things change? Where do we start? And is there really any cheese at all?

Over 150 million people in the world today are depressed, how sad is that? With such a large number of people open to their inner turmoil and a large number still secretly battling their demons, how can this world overcome its humanitarian crisis?

The answer, Big Pharma would like you to believe is anti-depression pills. One pill for every sad smiley and you’ll be back to texting pretty in no time.

These pills are not the answer, but the answer does lie in the chemical which these pills are aiming to spike in your body, Serotonin. When the brain secretes larger quantities of Serotonin into your body, you feel happier and more satisfied with yourself and life in general. Everything is all good again except Serotonin also plays a role in functions like digestion, pain, sleep, mental clarity and other bodily functions. So the induced uptake of the chemicals leads to varied side effects which the companies aren’t advertising about. (This is what the fine print looks like when magnified a million times : Side effects may include Nausea, Insomnia, Anxiety, Restlessness, Decreased sex drive,  Dizziness, Weight gain, Tremors, Sweating, Sleepiness or fatigue, Dry mouth, Diarrhea, Constipation and Headaches)

The best part however, is that we don’t need pills to increase Serotonin levels in our body, we can do it ourselves. It happens naturally when we undertake another extremely primeval aspect of humanity, one that is less talked about and even seldom practiced, the art of kindness.

Being a good person can make you happy, it seems like a quote you can pin up in your office, but it is also a scientific fact. Doing good deeds and not being a prick actually has its own rewards, your body instantly gratifies these good deeds by giving you a shot of Serotonin. It can work miracles on your confidence and outlook towards life and side effects may include better decision making and overall improved well being.

So being good and practicing kindness has its rewards, but is that the only reason why you should behave human?

This moral conundrum is one that has plagued humanity and set off this rat race to begin with. We come from conquerors and barbarians, the blood lust is evident. But we have also been thinkers, devotees and pacifists. Clearly we are capable of behaving as we please. So the question boils down to every individual human being, coexisting in this atmosphere during our common lifetimes. Is there not enough suffering in this world, is there not enough turmoil and chaos? Do we need more naysayers and oppressors or are we ready to change the very basis of what it means to be human?

The choice is yours to make.

For further proof about the correlation between goodness and happiness, visit http://www.randomactsofkindness.org/. First of all, someone was kind enough to create this website and initiative, bless their soul! This website includes entries by everyday people recording their contribution to making this world better. They don’t leap tall buildings or write blank cheques to charities but what they do is far more important than that. The site is filled with stories of people who take a few seconds off from their daily life to practice humanity. They behave kindly with strangers and then upload the incident to encourage more people to do the same.

Read at least 10 entries from here and then honestly ask yourself what being human means to you. The Serotonin rush will make that introspection a lot of fun.



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