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Opera Mini 4

A mobile browser that works

Satish S reviews the latest browser to hit your mobile phone. He is loving it!

We love small, don’t we? We like to see maximum coming out of minimum, and if we had our way, we would have liked the whole world compressed into a tiny marble. That’s Opera Mini 4, for you.


The earlier version of Opera Mini, was a very minimalistic browser. You could just see your web pages in it in a not so eye friendly manner. Reports usually looked like scrambled eggs and you had to make do with it. It was just a bare basic browser.

Not any more, what with better cellphones with larger screens and faster internet speeds. The navigation has been totally revamped and is very much like the iPhone.(It’s not so smooth, but Safari is 10MB and this thing is 0.1MB.) It shows you the whole page, you navigate to the part you want, click and et voila! It shows you the page in all its full rendered glory, exactly like how it would look on your PC screen.If you have a touch screen device, you are going to have even more fun. Tap on the part you want to read and it will zoom to give you a full view.

One more feature I liked, was the ability to view pages in landscape mode. Just hit “*” and “#”, turn around your device and continue with your work as if nothing happened at all.


This is one really thoughtful feature, attempted before, but bringing it to the palm is something really nice. What this essentially does is, when you request a web page, a remote server compresses all the data and sends it back to you. This saves enormous amounts of bandwidth and in turn money. Indians, who pay 1 paisa per kb have reason to rejoice. It compresses images and text alike and according to Opera, the BBC website which is actually 270KB, opens up within 40kb with the images turned on in low quality. Really neat, huh?


Opera Mini 4 offers a slew of shortcuts. Just hit “*” and you can access all your bookmarks and feeds from there.

Sync with My Opera

If you use Opera to browse the web on your PC and have saved all your Bookmarks on My Opera, you can sync it all to your cellphone.

What’s Hot!!

* Install on any phone
* Really small footprint
* Fast
* Improved navigation
* Compression
* Ability to sync bookmarks
* Full CSS Support
* Keypad Shortcuts
* Auto resizing

What’s Not!

* No Tabbed Browsing

Verdict : If you are not happy with the default browser on your phone, get this one right away!

Even if you are, Opera Mini 4 sure is worth your time.

My Rating: 8/10

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