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ONYX 2008

ONYX 2008
From Mahesh Tutorials

Event Report

At Mahesh Tutorials Commerce Pvt. Ltd., we believe the success of a student lies in overall personality development. With this in mind, we at MTC have been trendsetters in the coaching industry by organising ONYX, a vibrant and entertaining annual cultural festival. This is the fourth year of ONYX and it has become hugely popular within the student community of over 100 different colleges like Jai Hind, HR, Sydenham, Lala Lajpatrai, Xaviers, Patkar, Bhavans, National, MMK, Podar, N.M., S.I.E.S, Kelkar, MCC, Somaiya, Mithibai, etc.
This year ONYX was held at three different venues Nirmal Grounds in Mulund, Dadoji Kondev Stadium in Thane and Kalidas Auditorium at Mulund between the Dec 12-14, 2008. About 3,900 students from Std. XI & XII, formed 16 teams and competed with each other in 57 different events ranging from sports, fine arts, performing arts, fun events, fashion shows and management events.

Day 1 Nirmal Ground (Sports Events)
There were events like Ball out, T-20, Ring Football, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho for boys & girls Main attraction of day was T-20, cricket tournament of each match of 20 deliveries between two competing teams.

Day 2 Dadaji Kondev Stadium
The day started with ONYX Rocz which had all the teams competing for the title of the team which cheers the best. So participants had brought along musical instruments, flags, pom poms and made banners etc. and gave a wonderful performance.
There were events in various categories Sports, Strength & Fitness events, Fun events, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Management events & Literary events.
Performing arts had competitions in singing and musical concerts. There was an ad mad show where teams were given the sponsors products i.e. Virgin Mobiles & jam Magazine and had to create an entire ad campaign including print ads, TV commercials and radio jingles. Another popular competition was Chunav Tanav where a candidate had to mimic a famous personality and stand for elections with his entire team supporting him in an election campaign.

Day 3 Kalidas Auditorium
On this day teams participated in performing arts events like musical skits, Hindi Record dances, beautiful fashion shows and a fancy dress competition.
The grand finale of Onyx 2008 was at Kalidas auditorium with students showcasing their talents in dances, musical skits and fashion shows, followed by students dancing to the latest Bollywood numbers in a rocking jam session. Teachers thr
illed their students with a brilliant dance performance. The evening ended on a solemn note with all the students paying homage to the martyrs who gave up their live in the 26/11 terror attacks.

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