Oil well found in Wilson College canteen.
Anti-Tel Squad looks into matter, Bush gets ideas…

An oil spring was discovered in the spirited canteen in the new
building of the age-old Wilson College early Wednesday afternoon. The incident happened when a few final year BMM students gathered in the
canteen to grab some grub. According to eyewitnesses, the oil sprang
suddenly out of the pea-sized container used to serve sambar.

It started off as a normal day. Pierced eyebrows and braided hairs sat at tables discussing Himesh, Lazarsfeld. Some were better off with Metallica and Mendeleef. One of the BMM students ordered plainest dosa and sambar, which came in no time at all. It was only when the latter dipped the spoon into the
sambar and lifted it to pour the concoction onto the deliciously divine dosa that the secretly hidden beans oops, oil spilled out.

The new discovery has led to mixed reactions leaving a few females shrieking for fear of ruining their complexion, some raised eyebrows and mangled faces and the canteen owner miffed that people were finding fault with what is being served loyally.

When asked to comment upon the issue, one of the waiters said, “toad-a toad-a tel chalta hai”. Another one trying to decline as politely as possible, said, “No comments.”

The matter will soon reach Bush’s ear, who will then decide that Sad-damn Hussein should be held captive in Indian jails with Tel-ghee.

The ATS (Anti – Tel Squad) is now looking into the matter and wants the Mumbai Police to only protect them from boorish and burly student bodies that love face painting.
– Hari Chakyar

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