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Ode to a Perv…

Ode to a Perv…

This is a story of an old perv
He enjoyed admiring 20 year olds’ curves.

He thought he was young
Girls thought he smelled like dung.

He loved holding their hands to kiss
while they preferred to miss!

He thought he was artistic and fancy
He could well qualify for a pansy.

He thought he was cool and made women drool
while they contemplated to push into the pool.

He said he owned wine, pearls and art
they thought he was an ugly old fart!

They said, “He was a waste”
While he thought he had taste.

Sigh, oh sigh and more sigh…
His dirty thoughts gave him a high
but left the girl feeling awry!

Such is the story of the cumbersome perv,
Who thought himself to be a man of the world,
But after all he was just an old old perv!!!

– Nikita

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