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Not impressed

Kshitij, Ruparel College, Mumbai

Ruparel’s fest, Kshitij (never heard abt it?… neither did I), was held from 5th to 12th December. The fest was held at an auditorium behind the college despite having a big campus. Semifinals were held from 5 – 9 December and the finals on 12th.

Shocking as it may seem, people could attend only the finals i.e on 12th Dec. The semi finals was to be held only between the judges and the participants. In effect the fest was held only on 12th Dec making it a one-day fare.

The college students were forced to buy the tickets of the auditorium since none of the outsiders were expected to turn up for the fest. The one day of fest consisted some stupid dances on Marathi numbers, of which only some were enjoyable. Some songs were sung by high-pitched voices.

But the worst of the lot was the Marathi plays, which had a first prize amounting to 15,000 bucks. But that did not improve the quality of the plays. There were 6 plays of 1 hour each. What ‘s worse, nobody could leave the auditorium until the plays were over!

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