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Not good enough

I know that out of 100 people, 90 people might be going through the same phase  I am going through –  the “Not enough” phase. People might just come to you and tell you that you are “not good enough” or “not beautiful enough” or “not smart enough”, I know how it feels when someone comes and tells you that. But are you really not ‘enough’? No, everyone is enough, it just that you or me might lack at something which others excel at like for instance, your sibling maybe be the “ideal child” of the house but that no where means you are bad or incorrect or wrong. You only  different! You may be good at painting or partying or singing. Everyone is not the same and I am not saying that we are prefect; it’s just that we not imperfect.

We may have different dreams, we may select different ways to fulfill our dreams but that doesn’t make you and me wrong! It just makes us different, different from our families and friends and from the society and the world!

Make sure you don’t give up on your dreams because of wrong reasons. In a race, there are many hurdles; to win you have to cross each and every hurdle. This is a race, when you win you’ll get your dream as a reward.

So, do not stop believing in yourself, in your dreams, in your happiness, in your way of life, in your strengths, in your weaknesses, in your prayers, in people who truly love you.

Someone once told,

“People are stronger than they know; it’s just that they forget to believe in it”

Don’t stop loving yourself, because you are ‘enough’.

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