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No starting trouble

Now get breaky with your morning cuppa

Breakfast; reason #1 to wake up every morning. Sure people have goals, ambitions, dreams and the rest of the pfaff that makes Bollywood movies an attractive proposition even today. But without the daily morning gastronomic culmination life just wouldn’t be that enthu.

Barista, those lovable overpriced coffee-mongers, intend to take this concept a step further with their recently launched breakfast menu. And surprise, surprise! It’s actually pretty good.

The menu includes a choice of juices, eggs to order (for vegetarians there’s cheddar cheese toast), hash brown potatoes (one cutlet size), baked beans, a butter croissant, two toasts and coffee/tea of choice. In terms of it being an alternative to ghar ka nashta, the meal is more than wholesome (I skipped lunch). The juice is chilled, the eggs are well made, the hash brown potato is the star and the coffee is Barista-licious. The baked beans is the only item on the menu that one can find fault with, and that too only because they’re the regular canned fare that your mom leaves on the dining table when dutiful exhaustion has taken over her blessed soul.

At the price, the Barista breakfast makes a compelling argument. I’m inclined to agree. More than a match for your neighbourhood Udipi if you ask me!

– Arjun

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