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Nirma Istitute Of Technology, Ahmedabad

Also known as: Just Nirma (yes it’s run by the washing powder company), though some of the Gujju junta fancy it as one of the National Institutes of Technology.

Location: A 10 km drive on the National Highway towards Gandhinagar will get u here, provided you manage to maintain a safe distance from all the burly truck drivers.

The campus: Kaafi bada hai. There are six huge blocks including a canteen, an amphitheatre and auditoriums. There are also two huge grounds, mainly occupied by wannabe Tendulkars and McGraths but officially used only once a year during the sportsmeet.

The crowd: More than 50% are comprised of the Gujju-Ghatti junta. Still, you’ll find a mixed crowd that includes everyone from Munnabhais and Kantabens to oily-chashmudeens to kewl dudes. The diploma crowd is too awful to mention.

The faculty: Range from the brainy and methodical types to the weirdos and cranky “fed up with life” types. Every other professor has a book to their name. Always on the lookout for bunkers, they demand serious respect.

The facilities: The library is a favourite with both bookworms and sleep worms. The loos stink and the hot drinking water sucks.
The canteen: Although a spacious zone, this place is always full. Vada-pav, samosas and dosas – desi junk food rules here, no sign of pizzas and burgers on the menu. Non-veg is also a no-no. The food is strictly OK. The nearby management canteen serves better food.

Hangouts: The chaiwalas in each block save you from the annoying lectures for Rs 3.50 per drink wonly. The so-called ‘Lake’ is the lukhas paradise.

The Xtra-currics: Vaude-Ville, the not-so-annual college fest is held almost every four years. The Garba-Nite are one of those few events where the gujjus get to dance their heart out. A Rock Show held at the management department had some doing garba to a Bryan Adams number. Yeuck!!

– Unknown Dude

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