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New acts at I-Rock

The Indian rock scene, contrary to what popular Bollywood would have you believe, is not exclusive of bassists, or imagination. There’s a bunch of new acts coming up around the country and every year some enterprising ones compete for the chance to participate at the annual Independence Rock held at Mumbai. For every one act from each city (Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai) that makes it to the final, seven acts go home. Here’s a look at some acts that went home, but you should check out soon in your city.

Safire Kolkata

Tell us about your band.
We’re a pretty new act, formed only eight months ago. We play retro-alternative and focus on playing originals rather than covers. All of us are currently in college – two in the 1st year and three in the 2nd year.

What’s with the name?
We initially played a lot of blues based rock. And a safire is a blue rock. So that’s where the name came from. Plus, ‘fire’ adds a little sparkle to it.

How was the I-Rock experience for your band?
We were just very happy to be selected. We did a demo CD specifically for I-Rock only. The gig itself gave us amazing exposure. We played five originals and the crowd was quite appreciative. But I think the judges wanted a more experienced band for the final and so we weren’t selected.

What can we expect from Safire in the coming months?
We’re playing shows all over Kolkata; at Someplace Else and a few colleges. Hopefully we should be out with an EP soon.

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