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Namo’s Acche Din ?

ÔÇ£Abki baar Modi sarkarÔÇØ
ÔÇ£Acche din aane waale haiÔÇØ

As clich├®d as they might sound, the above lines as a part of the massive campaign worth Rs 5000 crores had done the trick for NaMo. But whatÔÇÖs even more interesting is that over two months into the government the above lines have not declined in their popularity, with them either being used to positively assert the change that was so vehemently promised to the 1.2 billion strong democracy, or to sarcastically thrash the same claims at the slightest window of opportunity to do so. Following are the key excerpts that one can make out of the job done by the new government so far ÔÇô

  • Maximum governance, Minimum government

This one concept was at the heart of the lucrative campaign with a no-nonsense agenda ÔÇô Make the government easy to deal with and penetrate governance into the democracy. A bold step in this regard was to decrease the number of cabinet ministers. The introduction of ÔÇ£My Gov ÔÇô Good governance with your partnershipÔÇØ which allows the citizens to take part in policy making and problem solving via a two point model ÔÇô Do or Discuss, is another initiative that would go a long way if implemented properly. The fact that the new government is open to take up suggestions from the people, especially the youth, wins them extra brownie points.

  • Social media & Technological intervention

While the country was┬á exhausted by the mute, silent PM Manmohan Singh, NaMo has satisfied all his 5.5 million followers with regular personal and work related updates. NaMo has quite extensively promoted social media among all his subordinates, emphasizing on the need to stay connected to voters after the elections ÔÇô ÔÇ£Tweet while you govern, post as you legislateÔÇØ.

Plus the idea of gauging the citizensÔÇÖ mood and views through social media trends so as to identify the impact of various government initiatives and policies brings novelty to the entire system. Various initiatives planned such as, the ÔÇ£Lab to LandÔÇØ scheme to get farmers a hands-on exposure of technology and video conference based grievance redressal system for rural areas prove the strong advocacy NaMo has established for technology.

  • Maintaining relations

The biggest bottleneck in growth at any point is one’s relations with their own party members, opposition and foreign counterparts. NaMo has mastered this art of diplomacy that leaves everyone he interacts with quite happy and satisfied. Right from meeting Pakistan PM and leaders from other SAARC nations on the very first day of his job to meeting Bollywood actor Aamir Khan discussing social issues, this man knows to pull the right strings at the right time to ensure a calculated impact on everyone. A hint of chivalry was also expressed when Modi called up German Chancellor Angela Merkel to wish her birthday! And it is not just one way round. All of us know how American President Barack Obama took a U-turn inviting NaMo to the US, having previously denied it. The floods of calls from leaders around the globe wishing NaMo for this victory have also been reported. NaMo truly knows the knack of winning people.

Strong decisions: Pull up inefficient ministers coming in late to work.

While he inflicts his magic of being a great friend with everyone, NaMo is also known to be a great decision maker, taking some hard steps when the time demands for the same. He had made it clear that the economy will get stable only after some not so favourable measures are taken up. His reproach to the inefficient ministers coming late to work, the release of a ÔÇÿto doÔÇÖ list via a direct interaction with the secretaries to revamp the work culture overall, and the decision to formulate a BRICS bank challenging the super powers of the world, are testimony to his change driven initiatives.


A happy Industry and booming stock market

The one yard stick which measures the government’s sincerity and efficiency is the stock market. We all know that stock have grown 25% in just 6 months, mainly due to the Modi wave and the industry favourable policies promised.┬á Foreign investors like Warren Buffet and Mark Mobius have brought in foreign institutional funds┬á – they were just waiting for Namo.

The above is just a hint into the vast array of promises that were evident in the NaMo manifesto, and there is a lot to be achieved yet. Also, one cannot deny that the new government has found itself in a lot of controversies, causing disrepute to their image.

They are being given their 100 days time and media has been kind to them so far.

The overall progressive attitude of the new government overshadows the accusations that are levied. To think about it, they do have their share of cons, like the riots in UP which seem  to follow  vicious cycle of Hindu parties blaming the Muslims and Vice versa. There is a question whether Modi and the RSS really want to do away with riots once and for all. Do they want to have a secure electorate or a poor fearful and insecure vote bank.

Can this rioting spread over to other states?  Or Hindus and Muslims be given the confidence of being equal citizens. This is the biggest challenge to Modi and the BJP.

While 2 months is a short time to draw conclusions, let us only extrapolate and wait to find if the new government of hope is belied.

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