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Movie Review – Shubh Mangal Saavdhaan

The story is about a boy Mudit Sharma, (Ayushmann Khurrana) who gets engaged to a girl, Sugandha (Bhumi Pednekar). It is going to be an arranged marriage and the extended families of both are looking forward to it. However due to erectile dysfunction, Mudit can’t get it up and on the advice of his friends tries out various quacks treating impotency. Added by the stress of performance anxiety and his non performance.
Both Mudit and sugandha are depressed pissed of and irritated.
This causes stress between the families and hilarious stories between both the bride and grooms parents.

What’s Good –
This movie right from the word go is a laugh riot the unhibited and no holds barred dialogues of North Indian regional dialect truly takes the cake the laughs just don’t stop coming,
The free hand given to Ayushmann and Bhumi brings out one of their best performances to date and the whole supporting cast too is fantastic and contributes well, the unabashed movie making style brings out the patriarchal and conservative, morales of Indian society,
The movie deals with a highly prevalent subject in today’s youth yet in a funny way and mind you the word ED or sex is not used in the movie yet bringing out the problem staring at our faces and how we try and shove it under the carpet in the guise of patriarchy and traditional conservative Indian values (Sanskaar),
First time director R. S. Prassanna gives a superb film with a social message and a hilarious comedy he truly deserves a resounding ovation.

Whats Bad –

Simply no flaws.

My Verdict –
A family emotional drama and romance mixed with rib tickling comedy perfect in its small town hilarious dialogues and regional rustic charm. A movie you will not forget for a long time and will want to see again and again and again.
My Rating 10 on 10

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