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Movie Review – Life 

Genre – Sci Fi, Horror
Plot – A multinational six-member crew aboard the International Space Station performs a successful capture of a space probe returning from Mars with a soil sample. The crew is tasked with studying the sample, which could prove to be the first evidence of extraterrestrial life. After extracting a single cell from the sample, British biologist Hugh Derry is able to revive the dormant organism with atmospheric adjustments and glucose. It grows into a multi-celled organism quickly and reacts to stimuli. The crew discovers that each cell in the organism is a myocyte, neuron and photoreceptor, all at the same time. The Quarantine Officer Dr. Miranda North remarks that the organism is “…all muscle, all brain and all eye.”
The organism, now named Calvin by school children in America, evolves and grows quickly. After an atmospheric accident in the lab, Calvin becomes dormant. Concerned with its survival, Hugh attempts to revive Calvin with a mild electric shock. Calvin re-animates, becomes hostile and grabs hold of Hugh’s right hand, crushing it as Hugh struggles to get free. Calvin shows problem solving skills and escapes the containment cube into the room with Hugh. While it devours a lab rat and immediately evolves and grows in size, American engineer Rory Adams enters the room and rescues Hugh. However, sensing his presence, Calvin latches onto Rory’s leg. David locks Rory inside the room to keep Calvin in containment. Rory manages to remove Calvin from his leg and attacks it with a handheld incinerator. Calvin shows remarkable resilience to fire and evades Rory’s attacks until the incinerator runs out of fuel. Calvin then attacks Rory and forces its way into his mouth, killing him from the inside. Emerging from Rory’s mouth even more evolved and larger, Calvin then manages to escape from the room through an emergency fire suppression vent. Hugh theorizes that the lack of breathable air on Mars is probably what kept the organism dormant until that point.
Finding their communication to Earth cut off, mission commander Katerina Golovkina dons an EVA suit to perform a space walk and fix the antenna. Calvin has consumed ISS coolant as a source of nutrition, and now escapes through a valve on the antenna and attacks Katerina outside the ISS. The attack ruptures Katerina’s EVA suit’s coolant system, effectively drowning her inside her suit. Calvin attempts to re-enter the station through the thrusters. An attempt to stop Calvin results in the ISS  crew that they need to decide between their safety or the earth’s safety now its upon these 4 astronauts to save the earth and kill this dangerous creature and stop it from entering the earth’s atmosphere even if it means that they either die or get lost in space forever.
What’s Good – The graphics the vfx special effects the cinematography and the scale of the movie is just fantastic, It’s astonishing to see how much progress Nasa has made in the field of space it’s phenomenal. It has  very gripping scenes full of horror and action and  the anti gravity space stunts are a sight to see.
All the actors portray their roles with utmost sincerity,
The horror and pain scenes are shot very aesthetically.
What’s Bad- The movie has more than a few elements and seems inspired from the 1979 movie Alien.
Verdict- A movie entertaining as he’ll and horrifyingly intense, a chilling science fiction movie with humanity

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