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Movie Review; Kaala

Karikalan is the leader of Dharavi slums and popularly known as Kaala bhai the king of Dharavi.
When a local politician Hari Dada tries to destroy Dharavi slums and construct buildings and towers there Kaala clashes with him.
What’s Good
Both veteran actors Rajnikanth and Nana Patekar act well, Rajnikanth with his quirky style and personality, and Nana with his superb dialogue delivery.
Selvi, Kaala’s wife played by actress Easavari Rao, steals the show from both men with her fantastic performance.
What’s Bad
The storyline is stale. This plot has been played in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, bhojpuri, Punjabi, Marathi and all other language film industries atleast a hundred times, Director Ranjith is unable to extract the actual talent of the starcast and let’s them do their own thing failing to capitalize on the availability of Rajni and Nana Patekar under his command, the movie is  badly edited and way too long and could have been shorter by atleast half an hour or more.Actress Huma Qureshi has been wasted by being given nothing to do except for drifting through the film.
My Verdict 
An Underwhelming movie, purely  meant for the Rajnikanth style and action fan and to watch and hear Nana Patekars superb dialogues.
My Rating – 2 out 5 stars

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