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Movie Review – Dunkirk 

The movie is based in 1940 on the beaches of the town of Dunkirk in France during World War 2 where Nazi Germany had laid a siege and trapped  to 3 lakh soldiers of British and French regiments with its Navy and Airforce on the beach of Dunkirk France.Countless Battalions of allied soldiers facing an imminent death.
Where the British decided to deploy all private small and big  serviceable vessels to rescue and evacuate   away soldiers from certain  death.
What’s Good –
Well Christopher Nolan has taken a famous chapter in History to make a film on but the genius director does not make a movie on the incident of the battle. The real movie is about Humanity, Human emotions how men feel and how they behave at war the ill effects of war on the human mind how even the bravest soldiers feel fear when it looks at them straight in the eye. The human emotion is the biggest part of the movie rather than the battle itself. The movie is so intriguing that it will wrench your heart out and makes you feel the actual emotion of the men stranded on the beach and the Rescuers and of course the navy men and the RAF defending their country. The climax scene where Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s msg is read out to the people is inspiring and motivating.
What’s Bad –
Since the movie is based less on war and high on emotion it does tend to get a lil slow in its pace.
Which is a small flaw for such a great movie.
Verdict –
A masterpiece by Christopher Nolan
A movie on War with a twist on feelings and emotions of humans facing the war.
My Rating 4 of 5 stars.

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