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Movie Review – Dobaara

A medieval Great Britain is shown in the 1770s where a young woman is condemned by the Queen for practicing black magic sorcery and witchcraft. She is punished by being burnt at the stake. And her spirit is captured in a vintage wall mirror. In modern day England An Indian family in  Britain is simply destroyed by a supernatural witch where the mother and father are killed and the son is incarcerated for murder of his father and the daughter is brought up in a foster home.
 After 20 years when the brother is released from a mental correction facility. The sister receives him and proposes that they destroy the mirror that caused their downfall and tragedy of their parents death. What happens in the day they try is the main plot of the movie.
What’s Good
 The movie is a remake of the 2013 Hollywood movie Oculus. The Plot and storyline is followed exactly from the original and yet Director Praval Raman manages to add a few touches to make it more intriguing must I add that the movie is even a slight notch better than the original also,
The shades of horror thriller are different and unorthodox and yet they manage to scare and give you the creeps. Bollywood is finally getting progressive to make a horror film which does not need the help of  God to save the actors in the climax it truly remains a dark movie from beginning to the end, actor Shaqib Saleem enacts his fearful nervous role with perfection.
What’s Bad
 I felt the film totally suffered from lack of pace and needed to move faster would have made it less boring at times, actress Huma Qureshi was totally out of her element and just drifting through the role like in a sleepwalk, real life brother sister playing reel life brother sister Huma and  Shaqib have zero sibling revelry, chemistry and comfort zone between them.
A supernatural thriller you must watch to see how Bollywood has evolved to make horror movie with a twist.
My Rating 3 of 5 stars

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