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Movie Review – Baywatch 

A bunch of veteran Lifeguards at Emerald Bay beach are conducting tryouts for new recruits into the squad where 3 are shortlisted as trainees. There is a fishy drug racket and a trail of murders going on in the beach which are always made to look like accidents. The Lifeguards investigate the trouble makers on their beach.
What’s Good 
The movie is a perfect remembrance of the Baywatch TV Series we have watched as kids.
Totally eye candy,  gals and dudes with hot bods strumming around the beach throughout. Priyanka Chopra in her first Hollywood negative role just simply rocks she looks ravishingly hot and yet gives a very superb performance as a cold charming ruthless businesswoman.
Dwayne Johnson surely looks and acts well so do the rest of the cast in their acting portrayals. But it’s Zac Efron who manages to steal the show in the acting department.
The movie has very good dialogues which hit you at the right time and make for  perfectly hilarious comic situations.
What’s Bad 
The movie has a wafer thin plot. Saved only by the Superb Star cast.
Baywatch is definitely worth a watch movie for one and all.
Rating 4 of 5 Stars.

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