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Movie Review –  A Dog’s Purpose

Bailey is a Golden Retriever whose life is shown from his birth to his death and to his reincarnation
 through four different dog breeds. Each time he is reincarnated, it tells his story from life to death, except in the latest life, where he meets his original owner again.
What’s Good –
Though I have seen a lot of pet films and quite a few dog films but yet this film is so different because this movie does not tell you the point of view of the human owner infact its a narrative of the dog from birth to his whole and till his death. Through 4 different human owners and through four different dog breeds this movie potrays the true life and purpose of a dog.
Director Lasse Hallstorm makes a tremendous effort in making a perfectly engaging movie with superb emotions drama and quite a few funny moments which  make it a superb movie for all and a very special one for dog lovers.
All the 4 dog actors give a a superb and adorably cute  performance. Among the actors and owners Dennis Quaid, K J Apa and Britt Robertson give a very apt and praiseworthy acting performance.
What’s Bad – 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this masterpiece of a movie.
Verdict –
Watch this fanatastic doggy drama I highly recommend it.
My Rating 5of5 stars.
Firdaus Pavri

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